Kaylie O'Connor Real Estate CuseSuperFan CourtsideTo say I am a big Syracuse University Men’s basketball fan would be an understatement. I remember cheering them on back in the late 1990's, early 2000's. All the way back to Warrick, McNamara, Anthony, Devendorf, AO, Cooney, Scoop & Triche, just to name a few of the amazing talent that has come through the SU basketball doors.Kaylie O'Connor Real Estate CuseSuperFan

Looking back at the rosters it brings me back to such an exciting time. I always get amped up for the games, whether I am in the Dome or watching the games from a local establishment on the hill, I’ve always supported my team. Win or lose, I’m a fan!

Kaylie O'Connor Realtor CuseSuperFan Jim BoeheimI remember when we won the 2003 Championship game, it was the coolest feeling in the world to know that team played their hearts out and we came out on top! I was so proud to be an Orange fan.

Kaylie O'Connor Real Estate CuseSuperFan Cuse Boys 2022Fast forward to today, I am a season ticket holder and I bow to Coach Boeheim (if you’re in the Dome, you know what I mean) every time he walks out onto his court. I have so much admiration and respect for him and his family. Coach and Juli are incredible people, with their foundations and charitable events they hold throughout the year. Syracuse is a better place because of them.

Kaylie O'Connor Real Estate CuseSuperFan  Rob O'Connor wedding Otto

This past October I married my best friend and who was there? None other than Otto himself! He crashed the wedding and it was the best surprise. The fact my wedding colors were Orange & Blue is no shock to anyone who knows me. It was one heck of party!

Kaylie O'Connor Real Estate CuseSuperFan  KirnanMy love for SU basketball and Syracuse as a city started when I was young. Born & raised here, I know the area like the back of my hand. I know which roads to avoid during rush hour, I know which side streets to scoot down to find the best parking for a game and I can get you anywhere downtown. There are so many wonderful restaurants and shops downtown. I love to support local and help when I can.

Kaylie O'Connor Real Estate CuseSuperFan Rob KirnanHaving my real estate license has really helped me expand my knowledge of the area and surrounding towns. I truly enjoy helping my buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. Syracuse offers such a wide range of properties, from downtown living to quite streets to neighborhoods to properties with land & privacy, yet within 15 minutes of a Wegmans! What more could you ask for? I am lucky to have planted my roots in Syracuse and continue to grow here. I know have an incredible husband, two amazing step sons, a handsome 5 month old nephew and tons of family & friends. I look forward to helping my sphere of influence in their next real estate adventure. It never gets old, walking into a home and seeing my clients faces light up when they know they have found THE ONE!

I will always keep cheering for SU and I will continue to help others plant their roots right here.